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DUI Defense - Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Being found guilty of driving while under the influence has harsh penalties. You can go to jail for up to a year, be fined up to $5,000, and have your license suspended or revoked. You can lose your license even if you are not found guilty. I have successfully defended people like you from the very severe DUI charges from the court and the Department of Licensing. I have represented clients in courtrooms throughout the Puget Sound area. If you need DUI representation in Pierce, King, Kitsap or Thurston County, contact my Gig Harbor office.

There are two state organizations handling your DUI case, each with different authority and penalties.

First: Washington Criminal Courts

My law office can represent you in judicial hearings and at trial before the criminal court. I have the experience to challenge the prosecutor’s evidence, including, but not limited to:


By focusing on your rights, I often get the original charges or penalties reduced so that you avoid lengthy jail time, minimize your fines, and are still able to drive, in some cases get the case dismissed.

Second: Washington Department of Licensing

My law office can represent you in Department of Licensing (DOL) actions against your driving privileges. DOL conducts administrative hearings separate and apart from the courts. DOL sends you a notice that unless you apply for a DOL hearing within 20 days of arrest, it will suspend or revoke your license. I can advise you whether or not to apply for a hearing, and represent you at this hearing, minimizing the chance you lose your driver’s license.

As your attorney, I can give you effective representation to preserve your rights against the criminal court prosecutor and the Department of Licensing.

I can work to reduce your charge, keep you out of jail, minimize fines, and allow you to legally drive. Do not face these charges alone.



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