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Automobile, Truck, or Motorcycle Accidents

Vehicle accidents, even low impact, have devastating effects on victims, resulting in injuries, pain and suffering, property damage, lost wages and tremendous inconvenience. Sometimes victims are permanently disabled, disfigured, lose their jobs and are financially destroyed. If someone in your family, a friend, or neighbor was injured in a motor vehicle accident, the Law Office of David C. Gillman will help you recover compensation.

If you were injured in an vehicle accident, you can file a claim against the negligent driver if that negligence led to your injuries. Similarly, if a faulty road design caused the accident, you can file against the city or county.

Vehicle accident lawsuits often are litigated under the law of negligence. Motorists must exercise a reasonable standard of care while driving a motor vehicle, to prevent harm. If a driver fails to exercise a reasonable standard of care, that is "negligent." A driver negligent driver is liable for any damage caused by the negligence.

In vehicle accident litigation, the plaintiff (the injured party) must show the following about the defendant (the negligent driver) :

 To have a successful vehicle accident claim, you first identify the negligent defendant causing the accident. You also have to identify all of the traffic laws the defendant violated. An experienced vehicle accident attorney can make this determination by obtaining and carefully evaluating the complete Washington State Patrol file, including Police Traffic Collision Reports, Supplements, witness statements, accident reconstruction evaluations, and state & federal traffic laws to determine whether you can prove who was at fault.

Insurance claim adjustors and the courts examine many issues to determine if a defendant was negligent, including speeding too fast for conditions, failing to yield, not obeying traffic signs, not signaling, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you, a family member, friend, or neighbor was hurt in an vehicle accident, speak now with an experienced attorney to protect your lawful rights. Your accident claim deals with complex issues such as multiple insurance policies, difficult insurance claims agents, and state and federal traffic laws. Since there are statute of limitations periods that will cut off the ability to pursue litigation in court, you should call our office immediately.


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